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Across over 350 projects and 25 years in operation, Projetech Construction Management & Services is synonymous with unmatched quality, reflecting the essence of the Turks and Caicos experience. As pillars in the TCI construction domain, we take pride in facilitating seamless construction and development journeys for our clients, leveraging our deeply entrenched relationships within the Islands.

Our ethos is simple: Trust. This isn’t just a word; it’s the fabric of our commitment to our partners, our clients, and the broader community. Our extensive network, which spans local financiers, seasoned trade contractors, reliable suppliers, and statutory authorities, ensures clients benefit from comprehensive support, alleviating the complexities of the construction process which can be daunting. While we embrace a global outlook, our strategies and pricing are deeply rooted in local values, echoing our believe that “our visions are local but our roots are firmly local.”

The inception of Projetech dates back over four decades ago when our founder first treaded the sandy shores of Providenciales, laying down the foundation for the island’s first international airport and paved roads. Founded in 1996, Projetech quickly distinguished itself as a beacon of excellence in the TCI construction industry. Beyond mere construction and development, we represent integrity, respect, and unwavering commitment to the Turks and Caicos heritage.

Central to Projetech’s success is a rich tapestry of international expertise seamlessly integrated with deep-rooted connections to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Our distinguished team, now under the leadership of construction and development veteran Kyle Camarro, is dedicated to amplifying long-term value on the islands. We house a diverse team of professional engineers, project managers, quality surveyors, and myriad professionals, most of whom have custom homes in TCI and elsewhere, infusing their work with an authentic island touch.

Projetech’s extensive service palette ranges from conceptual design to the final brick. Not only do we boast a multidisciplinary construction acumen, but our affiliations with Finishing Touch and Hummingbird Luxury Property Management & Concierge Services further enhance our service repertoire, promising unified, top-tier experience to our clientele.

Our project legacy speaks for itself. Be it luxury custom homes or intricate resort developments, Projetech has left an indelible mark on Turks and Caicos Islands. Particularly notable is our significant contribution to Grace Bay’s ascension, especially post its 2016 global acclaim as world’s best beach. We champion the elegance of local design, underscoring our commitment to uphold TCI’s esteemed global reputation for natural and cultural warmth and beauty.

For us, every project is a testament to our commitment to quality, trust, and the sustainable growth of the Turks and Caicos region.

Choosing Projetech is beyond a mere business transaction. It’s an invitation to a lasting partnership, set against the backdrop of the stunning Turks and Caicos experience.

Our Experience

Across over 25 years and over 350 projects, Projetech Construction Management & Services Ltd., is the large-scale commercial construction, hotel and luxury custom home & villa builder of choice in the Turks and Caicos.

Our Advantage

In construction, relationships are incredibly valuable. Throughout our almost 30-year history on the island, we have formed and nurtured unique bonds with regional stakeholders and the many statutory authorities that are required to start and finish a job.

Our Commitment

Projetech is product to stand on the reputation that we have earned through our enduring commitment to offering the unparalleled collaboration, service and attention to detail that is required to make your unique vision a reality – every time and every day.

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